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About Us

Welcome in our uTypia Webshop!

Gal-Go Ltd.


We are constantly expanding our services to our esteemed clients’ disposal since 1994.

Our services and products are up to date on the market.

The quality, speed and precision we offer by our modern technology.

In our shops we offer rubber stamp production, business card-making, laser and mechanical engraving, signs, advertising signs preparation, die cutting, laminating, printing t-shirt with subtitles and different works (invitations, flyers, envelopes, letterheads, etiquette, pin), photocopying, spiral binding and thermal bonding, gift items, in our paper and document shop we offer various forms of stationery and office supplies four large range of different clients.

Find our stores in major business centres, shopping malls, busy, easily accessible places.

While you are shopping, your rubber stamp, business card, flyer completed, the personalized the selected gift items by engraving or colour subtitles.

Opening ours and services we try to meet your needs.

We guarantee the highest level of service to all our customers.